FloCis: A New Approach to Aging Collection Systems

Failing sewer collection systems, with rehabilitation expenses ranging into the billions of dollars, are getting the attention of more than just the public works employees. Across the country, communities are considering the often limited options for their deteriorating collection systems. Municipalities responsible for these declining collection systems confront scarce funding from state and federal governments, along with stricter environmental mandates. With enforcement orders already in place, traditional detection and rehabilitation methods are no longer fiscally affordable for many communities.

A new methodology has evolved at FloCis Applications Corp. centering on these infrastructure concerns. Using a 4-Step Process: "Preparation, Deployment, Analysis and Decision", along with patented tools, FloCis offers municipalities cost-effective alternatives. While the methods presented here may appear unconventional, we believe that this type of work, proactive instead of reactive, is the key to long-term asset sustainability.

FloCis has developed tools and services that are used independently or work together, allowing clients to make responsible ownership decisions. Among our unique field tools are FloStiks and QFlow, both designed to take specific measurements from inside a manhole, characterizing flow conditions at known sites within the piping network. Due to the amount of field data these innovative instruments can capture, our IT department developed, FloDat and FloViz, software programs proficient in organizing the information these instruments collect. Because we know the funding constraints many municipalities are facing, our development team focuses on performance and affordability.

SSOs, overflows, as well as regulatory enforcement actions create urgency in finding solutions for those who own collection systems. Our company is familiar with unfunded mandates issued by government agencies and knows firsthand the intense search for answers that will correct a failing system. Understanding how your collection system is designed and functions is a starting point for the FloCis methodology. Our experience in dealing with facility violations now allows us to offer information and specific tools to those that may be going through similar dilemmas and are in search of constructive results.