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The above timeline offers a brief company narrative spanning more than 20 years. While the details describe a single utility, South Haven Sewer Works, its characteristics are consistent with other waste water utilities.

In 1988, South Haven Sewer Works, a private utility corporation, was purchased with David Saylor as CEO. The collection system serviced 3000 customers, was approximately 48 miles long and the treatment plant was sized at 0.7 MGD normal flow - 2.0 MGD wet weather capacity.

Within 1 year of the utility purchase, the first violation from Indiana Department of Environmental Management was received. Traditional SSES procedures; flow metering, smoke testing, video work, did not stop the issuance of additional violations. A new treatment plant with increased capacity and repair projects did not end the collection system's hydraulic problems or non-compliance orders.

How to differentiate which areas within a collection system for further evaluation, repair or bypass became the alternative mode to traditional methods of system rehabilitation. Innovated methodologies and tools were developed to work within these new and challenging parameters. This unique approach delivered the data that answered compliance agendas and also saved on labor hours and equipment.

South Haven Sewer Works was sold to Aqua America in 2008 due to lack of new capital but our company's work with sewer collection systems did not end at the time of sale. We have continued improve on the concept and tools that were developed during our ownership. Take a look at the resources in the Library section below for a more in-depth understanding of our company's evolution.

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