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4-Step Process: With so many communities dealing with the problem of failing collection systems, FloCis has developed a 4-Step Process methodology:  Preparation, Deployment, Analysis, and Decision.  Each step considers measures that need to be implemented to isolate conveyance problems and deterioration.  Finding new, innovative techniques that help to lower the cost when fixing collection systems is the reason FloCis Applications Corp. was first started.

Source Receiver: Identifying a source's (clear water) origins and ground water flow patterns determined by the watershed, storm collection system, and where it is being received within a sanitary collection system are the beginning stages of the “Source / Receiver” methodology.  Combined with asset inspections, this concept can help determine what areas of a system require immediate attention, as well as then developing a schedule for proactive maintenance. Further reading is available about Beginning an I&I Abatement Program

Find and Fix vs. Convey and Treat: A constant challenge being encountered across the country involves finding an attainable and affordable plan of action involving repairs and sustainability. One major cost concern focuses on locating where clear water inflow and infiltration are compromising a sanitary collection system.  FloCis has developed a concept that believes it is more fiscally responsible to find the problem areas within a collection system and repair only those locations.  “Find and Fix” seeks to repair the source in order to stop the symptom as opposed to treating the symptoms and not actually solving the problem.

FD&R: FloCis has developed an inexpensive analytical tool that allows a treatment plant to measure rain in near real time.  This collected data allows utilities to correlate rain rate and flow.  With this type of historical data, treatment plants can predict flows and  prepare for large peaks.