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FloStiks are data-logging flow meters that are low priced, easy to use and have the durability and low energy requirement needed to leave in place for weeks at a time. FloStik sensors save labor; only ten minutes to install and don't require confined space entry to mount at street level. They monitor the hydraulic head, temperature, and instrument tilt and wobble as an indicator of flow velocity and turbulence.


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FloViz is our premier charting and data analysis tool for information harvested by FloStiks throughout the collection system. FloViz was designed to allow rapid and convincing visualization of wet weather flow behavior without managing large data files. This allows users to quickly isolate infiltration and inflow of surface or groundwater into the sanitary collection system and/or rapidly assess the hydraulic performance of the collection system.


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FloDat is a database program serving as the central feature in the entire FloCis process. It can be conceived as the basic "library" used for managing both storm and sanitary collection system data. As the central management tool, FloDat is used to document, coordinate and schedule all preventative maintenance activities; as well as manage observations and measurements taken during routine inspections of the collection system.


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QFlow simplifies calculating the hydraulic performance of your collection system so that it is easier to identify and prioritize portions of your system for further maintenance, inspection, analysis and repair. Find obstructions, blockages, debris and compromised portions of your collection system quickly and easily by using our patented QFlow process.