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Analyze More than 50 Data Sets at One Time

Traditional flow metering programs generate scatter graphs of time-based rain and hydrographs that compare wet weather variations at single sampling points. Because the charts are separated, the analyst is hard- pressed to coordinate the timing and impact of one data set with another. To better understand the hydraulic relationships among dispersed areas of a collection system, engineers and computer scientists have developed elaborate modeling programs to complement the traditional flow metering studies. Modeling software requires pipe lengths, diameters, materials and slopes as well as rain and antecedent moisture data to estimate the flow behavior in a collection system. These studies provide important clues as to why a collection system behaves the way it does in wet weather but the production of these studies is often beyond the economic reach of small communities and is based on assumptions of an analyst to make the numbers appear reasonable for the client.

The software program called FloViz was developed to visualize potential ground water infiltration and surface water inflow events, even when there are tens of thousands of data points from meters at multiple locations.

FloViz helps utility owners isolate sites having ground water intrusion as measured by FloStik sensors placed in manholes in the collection system. This discovery process begins with a broad area of the collection system and correlates this data, generated during wet weather events, with the fixed flow measurements typically collected at the treatment plant or lift stations. Then, as the data from these wet weather events is correlated with specific readings from FloStik sensors- water intrusion, areas are identified.

The power and flexibility of FloViz allows users to easily see rapid changes in the sensor readings in a 3-D cube. The analyst can see the start of a rain event, the rain rate, the changes in the collection system and how that flow change affects other areas of the collection system. Thus, with multiple data collection sources, the analyst can better grasp the specific location of groundwater intrusion. With respect to I & I evaluations, "The unwelcome guest is the one that arrives early, or hangs around late."

While the software was primarily developed to understand sanitary sewer flow and the effects of wet weather, it can be modified to analyze any complex data sets that are time dependent. Data sets can include readings from FloStik sensors, other metering devices or plant flow data.

Illustration of Three Dimensional Capabilitiy

Control of the chart window is at the heart of FloViz. A "zoom stripe" at the bottom of the window quickly shifts the viewing cube to points of interest, such as separate rain events. It is also easy to control the length of time in the chart window. In this way, the user can quickly change focus from a month's worth of data into just a few minutes. (Try that using Microsoft Excel!)

FloViz animation

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FloViz animation

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llustration of Zoom Capability:

The "Legend" window provides another method of viewing flexibility. The legend control toggles readings of individual FloStik sensors as well as various rain or downstream flow data. In this way, singular or small clusters of sensor readings can be contrasted and compared with rainfall and plant effluent flow measurements. The net effect of this control is to provide the user with the ability to quickly and easily isolate potential locations where there may be inflow.

Illustration of Legend Box Easy to Identify and Select FloStiks

Other functionalities which are useful for reporting and export purposes include:

A statistics window where visual data from various manholes can be displayed as base-numeric data.

Chart views can also be quickly exported as images for reporting purposes.

"Sticky values" feature allows for quick and easy labeling of point data on curves in a chart in preparation for a report export.

Functionality has been added to create movie files quickly. This makes reporting on dynamic changes in sensor readings outside of the program easier and provides an excellent multi- media tool for public presentations.